Dear Swell Friends,

After a frustrating year of changes and constantly being away from home we took all of the negative energy and started writing songs again. We went back to the basement and did things the way we did 10 years ago. No pressure. No expectations. We want to play music because we love it and that’s it. 

We took the songs and recorded it mostly ourselves in Nick’s house in Saginaw, MI. We also decided to release the record ourselves through something we’re calling Snowbird Songs. It’s a logo on the release reminding us to always keep the DIY mentality because taking control always worked out best for us. 
The result is a five song EP we’ve titled Running Out Of Places To Go. We’re releasing it digitally (minimum donation of $4) and on 10” records. For the first time, every cent you put toward purchasing this EP goes directly to us. 

New song, new EP with preorder, new site, new merch store, new headline tour. It’s about time!

We appreciate your support more than ever. Thank you for letting us into your lives.

Enjoy “Making Waves”. Preorder the whole EP by clicking HERE

We’re also excited to announce that we’re going to be headlining a short tour with our friends in DMND Youth and Pentimento. Click HERE for the dates/tickets.


Nick, Jono, Ryan, and Anto
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    Best news.
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    Support some good dudes who deserve it!!
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    first date of the tour. Nick diener, you never cease to amaze me.
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    Yes. Happy for these guys :)
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    I preordered my 10” yellow vinyl, did you?
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    very happy for these fine lads. love the new song.
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    Oh man, you guys are playing at the Soapbox and I don’t live near Wilmington anymore. BUMMER
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    Get excited!
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    So proud of these dudes! Everyone check out the new song and see when they’re coming to your neck of the woods. And...
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    OH… MY… GOOOOODDDD!!! Yes!!
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