Hey folks, Danny here. I’ve been waiting to find the right moment to share with all of you some news about the Local and some upcoming changes with the organization. I’ve been actively involved with the Flint Local 432 as a volunteer since I was 16 years old. For over a decade, I’ve donated countless hours of my time to all-ages shows right here in Flint. 

When Joel and Chris approached me back in 2011 about being the club manager for the Local once it re-opened, I gave them a “Yes” without any hesitation. At the time, I had a job with Apple down in Austin, TX where I made over $32,000 a year with benefits/health insurance. I left that cushy job to come back to Flint to take care of an institution I deeply cared about. 

Fast foward to today, I’ve run over 200 events at the Local since we re-opened and worked tirelessly to make our music scene the envy of the midwest. I’ve worked hard to bring in amazing talent like The Wild (ATL), The Taxpayers, Luther, Timeshares, RVIVR, Pet Symmetry, Sundials, Little Big League, Cheap Girls, Signals Midwest, and many many more. I’ve spent nearly every weekend for the last three years of my life running shows at the Local. Needless to say, it’s been a very huge commitment and important part of my life in that time.

Last fall, I applied for a grant through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for $10,000 to open a Food Truck in Flint. I was awarded that money out of about 10 other applicants around Michigan and thus Vehicle City Tacos was born. We plan on opening in June.

So what does this mean for the Local? It means that I’m going to be stepping aside as Club Manager and passing the torch onto a new generation of house managers and leaders within the organization. It’s not fair to my business partners and it’s not fair to the Local/DIY scene for me to split my time between the two. The quality of work I can put out in that scenario is nothing short of poor. I’m a firm believer in whole-assing one thing over half-assing two things. Also, I’m nearly 28 years old, and as time progresses, I find myself feeling less and less connected to the all-ages scene by sheer proxy of age. It’s time for some folks who are younger and in the thick of it all to take over, try out some new things, and bring their skills and passions to the table. This has always been an organization driven by youth, which I think is amazing to give young people the capacity and power to do such things in this community.

To be clear, there is ZERO bad blood between myself and Joel, or myself and the Red Ink Flint board of directors. Everyone involved in the organization has become a good friend and in some cases very important mentors in my professional life. I truly cannot express how much of a privilege it has been to work with the folks in this organization. This transition is purely the product of me starting a new venture and entering another chapter in my life.

That being said, over the next few months, there are a number of shows I’ve booked that I’m really excited to promote as I end my tenure with the Local. So take note, it would be awesome to see old and new friends come out to shows, chat for a bit, and check out some awesome music together. I’ve included a list of shows at the bottom of this post that are going to be really special to me and it would mean a lot to me if the scene came out in full force to these.

On that note, I still have touring bands constantly contacting me, so chances are when these offers come in, I’ll still do them at the Local from time to time. Currently, I promote shows on the side under the name of Crito Records for touring bands and other folks who want to play Flint. I’m going to continue promoting shows under Crito Records at different venues and locations for those of you in the 21+ crowd. My hope is that now that the All-Ages scene has grown significantly with my help, we can work on the 21-30 DIY scene a bit more to make life more interesting and fun for those who decide to move here for school or work.

So thank you all for being so awesome. I’m truly proud of the work I’ve done with this organization and I know good good things are coming its way. The Kickstarter alone has been a HUGE success and I can’t wait to see the changes it brings to the space. 2014 is the going to be THE year for the Flint Local 432!

So come out to some of these shows (you really should go to EVERY show, but if you’re going to go to any, these would be extra cool) and say hello, it’d be great to see you! Then, when we’re up and running, get some tacos and delicious food that’s grown right here in Flint, MI! 

Thanks for the good times, Flint Local 432! This truly is an amazing community of musicians, music-enthusiasts, and artists. I’m so fortunate to have had a part in this over the last 12 years. But don’t worry, I’ll still be here, just like the Local, doing my part to make Flint, Michigan a fun and exciting place to live and work. 

See you at the next show.

Danny Moilanen
Flint Local 432
Club Manager


Super special shows Danny is excited about: 

  • Friday, April 5th - Lisabi (On tour from BRAZIL!), 1876, Signals Midwest (Cleveland, OH), The Vulnerable, Hand Wringer —

  • Sunday, April 6th - The Atom Age (Oakland, CA - Asian Man Records), The Heard, The Kickstand Band, Flowers, and Sugah Free —

  • Wednesday, April 16th - Spoonboy (David from The Max Levine Ensemble), Stephen Wisniewski, Blair Ellis, Bellows (Brooklyn, NY), Ty Rigdon —


#FlintLocal432 #Flint #FlintMusic #DIYMusic #Punk #432


#FlintLocal432 #Flint #FlintMusic #DIYMusic #Punk #432

I can’t believe we have TWO amazing shows in April, let alone BACK to BACK! We’re beyond stoked to welcome Signals Midwest on Friday, April 4th w/ Lisabi (on tour from BRAZIL!) More info can be found here

The Kickstand Band returns to the Local April 6th! Now this song is going to be stuck in your head all day, you’re welcome! Now listen to everyone else on the bill to get it out of there.

We also will have very special guests from Oakland, CA, The Atom Age (Asian Man Records)! So Let’s give them some quality Flint hospitality, make sure to bring those dancin’ shoes!


Got a fun weekend coming up in April. Flint, Chicago, & Cleveland.4/4 - Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432EVENT PAGE4/5 - Chicago, IL @ Quenchers (Punktastic US Launch)EVENT PAGE4/6 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class w/ Iron ChicEVENT PAGE

Get stoked!


Got a fun weekend coming up in April. Flint, Chicago, & Cleveland.

4/4 - Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432

4/5 - Chicago, IL @ Quenchers (Punktastic US Launch)

4/6 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class w/ Iron Chic

Get stoked!

Deer Widow (the awesome Flint band that’s opening for Chiodos at the Local on April 3rd) debuted in a new feature from New Thought Movement (Bradley Bell of Chiodos is also a co-owner of New Thought Movement) called “Party Deer Sessions” featuring acoustic sessions of awesome Flint area bands.

More videos can be found at their YouTube Channel here:


So, we know we’ve been gone for a long while now and we’ve observed that in our absence it’s almost as if people have lost sight of what local DIY shows are about. Now, I know a lot of you new folks in this scene are a bit younger (15-21) which is totally fine and acceptable, you can’t help being…


Our favorite hometown venue needs a little help with some major upgrades! See if you can donate some monies to help out, it would mean the world!

Y’all are the best! Thanks for sharing!

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